Thursday, October 13, 2005

Law Project - Italy - UE
What is the LAW Project?
The LAW project - Labour Market Changes and Welfare Perspectives in Europe - aims at investigating the connections between the recent structural changes of the labour market in the 'Information Society' and the welfare systems evolution.

Information Society Project - Uni Yale
The Information Society Project (ISP) at Yale Law School was created in 1997 to study the implications of the Internet, telecommunications, and the new information technologies on law and society. Much of its work has focused on issues of freedom of speech, democracy, and the growth and spread of cultures on the Internet. In past years the ISP has studied the free speech implications of filtering and rating systems, and designed a voluntary labeling system that has been endorsed by the European Commission and adopted by the Internet Content Rating Association. It has also studied civic participation on the Internet, the civil liberties implications of intellectual property protection, memetics and the evolution of cultures and ideologies, and the effects of the new communications technologies on globalization. The project embraces a variety of activities, including fellowships for young scholars and advice and education for policy makers, business leaders, nonprofit organizations, and the legal community. It also runs a Weblog, Lawmeme, which offers commentary on developing technology issues. The project director is Professor Jack Balkin.